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Organisation Ambassador Dwaine Chambers Former GB Gold Medallist is committed to bringing out the best in every young person he works with in his capacity as a professional sports coach and mentor. This means he is perfectly aligned to Effective Transition’s ethos of inspiring, motivating and empowering our next-generation adults.

Football and Multi-Sports

At Effective Transition we offer football coaching, quality sports provision, breakfast club, after school clubs and holiday programmes to children and young adults that is fun, enthusiastic and engaging environment that fits perfectly for all age groups, gender, abilities and backgrounds in order to learn the sport as well as life skills through the physical activities that we provide is vital during their school years.

Participating in sport is one of the best things you can ever encourage your children to do. Whether it is football, baseball or tennis – getting children involved with sport will equip them with the skills that will set them up for life. We find by having an opportunity to learn and play different sports, enhances a child’s ability in their chosen field, as all skills learnt can be adapted because we know that they are far more likely to stay interested in sport and try new activities if they feel confident and positive about their skill levels in a number of different areas.

And let’s face it – it is so much more exciting to enjoy a different sport!

Fun-packed activities vary from day-to-day and week-to-week, so there’s something for everyone. They include: Football, Athletics, Footgolf, Badminton, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Rounders, Benchball, Dodgeball, Tag Rugby, Bulldog, Volleyball, Fun Games, Mini-Olympic games and much more, we are sure that all involved will have a great experience.

• An awards presentation is held on the last day of the programme to celebrate team and

individual achievements with certificates, medals and trophies.

• Special guest speakers to offer young players knowledge and insight into the

professional game.


Our programmes help to achieve several outcomes, including:

• Increased achievement of students at the school

• Improved behaviour and safety of students

• Improved moral and social-cultural development of students• Create fun and friendly ways of improving sports



• Help the children become active whilst meeting new friends in a safe space

• Build their confidence through fun games

• Improve your physical and mental health

• Increase your fitness, confidence and self-belief

• Develop and improve key skills such as teamwork, goal- setting and communication

• Create a more positive mindset

• Build Trust

• Improves academic performance

• Learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

• Leadership skills

Other proven benefits of our programmes include:

• Improved school attendance

• Improved behavioural issues

• Reduced disruptive behaviour

• Increased confidence and self esteem

• Higher aspirations and motivation

Coaching and Mentoring

Overall, statistic shows there is good evidence that mentoring can have a modest positive outcome as they go through challenging life transitions, such as dealing with stressful changes at home or transitioning to adulthood.

Effective Transition programmes embeds key mentoring techniques to empower and build self-reliance. Our programmes are designed to further develop Mentees’ communications skills, confidence and help them to build better relationships. Mentees develop problem solving techniques and utilize mentoring skills effectively, to drive peer mentoring, to further empower themselves and filter through to others creating the ripple effect.

We can deliver tutor led mentoring sessions, activities and workshops to re-engage participants, alongside practical learning strategies. Our team of qualified Mentors deliver intensive 1:1 and group mentoring sessions or workshops to inspire, motivate and empower Mentees. It also establishes and promote positive aspirations for young people to further education, training and employment instead of the stressful, dangerous and negative

alternative of gang activity.

Programme duration is adapted to meet our clients’ needs, we carefully tailor the programmes incorporating a range of one day workshops or we design and deliver specific programmes that are completely flexible.

Education and Life Skills 

In Britain we too often focus on academic skills for young people, neglecting the life skills that many take for granted. Medical Experts believe that every child aged between 8 and 11 should be taught basic first aid, helping them to stay safe and save lives in emergency situations. First aid gives young people something amazing - the confidence to do the right thing when it really counts. We'll help you bring first aid training to your school in a way that works for you, so your pupils can learn this easy but essential skill. Our Approved First Aid Instructors can fit the 1-hour course in with school lessons and afterschool clubs.

Community Engagement

We’ve always believed in backing local people and community organisations to make their communities stronger.

Our Safeguarding Promise

Effective Transition is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Safer recruitment is central to the way we work, and all staff and volunteers are expected to share our commitment to safeguarding, always creating an environment where young people feel safe and can thrive.

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Coaching and mentoring
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Commuity engagement


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Coaching and Mentoring



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Community Engagement 

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